Top 10 Organic Wines under $20

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Several people have been asking me to give them a list of my top 10 organic wines but they also said they wanted wines that can be bought everyday within a budget! Well I have given this a lot of thought and here it is;

Top 10 Organic Wines under $20


1. 2011 Vertvs Vintage Cabernet Sauvignon – Tempranillo Rated 87pts $12


An outstanding wine and very versatile in pairing with a wide variety of food. Its dark, velvety texture can stand up to rich, spicy foods such as crab cakes, duck, goose, turducken, sirloin, porterhouse.  Hands down a great wine for dinner parties. With notes of cinnamon, roses, violets, licorice, berries, tobacco and leather. This wine will surely wow your guests.



2. 2011 Les Hauts De Lagarde Rouge Bordeaux Rated 83pts $12


The Bordeaux Rouge is the perfect bottle for a BYOB, it is organic and is an Estate grown Bordeaux Blend 65% Merlot, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon and  10% Cabernet Franc. The color is scarlet red with black highlights. The nose is ripe plums and dark berries, along with cassis and a little smoke. Pairs well with robust cheeses, game, lamb, redmeats. This Bordeaux will make everyone happy, and no one will know you paid $12!




3. 2012 Buenas Ondas Malbec Syrah $12


A wonderful nose of red fruits and raspberry, which is typical of Syrah.  The palate boasts of flowers and violet, with some vanilla notes and chocolate; very complex.  it’s luscious, velvety and rounded in the mouth; with lingering vanilla, chocolate and red fruits on the finish.  Serve with grilled, roasted or braised meats, earthy sauces. I personally love it with Manchego Cheese!




4. 2009 Girasole Cabernet Sauvignon $15


A medium bodied wine with deep aromas of cassis, black cherry, black tea and cocoa. Offering up redcurrants, red licorice, roasted nuts and sweet, toasty oak that perfectly balance the fruit.  Medium to well-rounded tannins provide a soft, lengthy finish with lingering flavors of black cherry.  This wine is drinkable upon release, but will soften and age gracefully for 2-4 years.  Perfect with roasted vegetables, grilled meats and lamb, be bold and go for some Blue Cheese and Dark Chocolate!


5. 2009 Jeriko San Francisco Wine Press Yerba Buena Red $13

Big, bold and full-bodied, with hints of dark chocolate, rich blueberry with stone fruit undertones make for a soft supple finish. Pair this with Peking duck, spicy curry, stir-fried vegetables and grilled meat. This California Red is 80% Syrah, 13% Sangiovese, and 7% Merlot. A wonderful wine!




6. 2010 Chacewater Zinfandel $18


2010 Chacewater Zinfandel $18   Big Jammy Zin packs a big punch with aromas of strawberry, red cherry, blackberry with hints of white pepper and  smoky vanilla oak. Mid-palate is full with berry notes, finishing with bold fruit, subtle with sweet oak which lends to a complex finish. Try this beauty with a braised short rib Chile, Mexican and Thai.




7. 2011 Les Hauts De Lagarde Sec Bordeaux $12


The sway of Sauvignon Blanc lends to harmonious yet profound flavors of white flowers, citrus and fruit in the mouth balanced with Semillon which lends to a supple roundness, dimension and abundance with yet more cheerful notes of citrus fruits.  A fine briskness lends to a wonderful finish.  It is best served with vegetable platters, Scallops, Oysters, Seafood, Salmon, or Crab. It is also enjoyable with some fresh fruit and light creamy cheeses.



8. 2012 Terra Savia Chardonnay $15


Bright clean fruit flavors and powerful tropical aromas, it is nice and crisp with a bright fruit palate. This serves well with Lobster, flavorful fishes like sea bass. Not to mention turkey, roasted chicken and assorted grilled veggies, salads and fruits and cheeses.




9. 2010 Pizzolato Fields Prosecco $15


This is a sweet style of Prosecco with a luminous appearance and grassy-herbal notes followed by white peach, honey and jasmine. More herbal flavors appear on the close and the wine is fresh and simple in the mouth.  Pale straw color. Nougat and peach custard aromas follow through on a crisp entry to a dryish light-to-medium body with baked apple and delicate spice accents. Finishes in an oily nut and lemon rind fade with drying, talc-like fruit tannins. This is great to serve as an opener or with rich desserts!




10. Perlage Altana Rosato del Veneto Frizzante Rated 88pts $13


Lovely  strawberry and peach notes, with a lingering  dry and compounded finish. Best paired with crab cakes, scallops, appetizers, and fruit.  Altana rosé is made using the charmant method, in which the wine undergoes secondary fermentation in stainless steel tanks, as opposed to the Champenois method in which the secondary fermentation occurs in the bottle.


Of course you may have your own favorites but have the same budget in which case check these out.

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