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Does your wedding planner need support when it comes to wine?

Taking the steps to plan and organize the wedding of your dreams, the one you have pictured in your mind ever since you were a child. Of course you want everything to be perfect which is why you use a wedding planner.

So having chosen a competent and professional wedding planner, you want to give them all the support they need.  Wedding Planners are busy people, they are often brilliant project managers with very competent organizational skills, but they can’t do everything themselves.  Wedding Planners need support; they depend on reliable subcontractors who each bring a unique set of skills to make your special day perfect.

When it comes to wine at a wedding, many wedding planners rely on “The Cork”, The Cork is a sommelier that specializes providing wine at weddings.  We will work alongside you and your wedding planner to help create a perfect and harmonious food and wine combination for your menu.  We will identify the foods you and your guests do and don’t like (taking into account any dietary needs) and work with the chefs in pairing the perfect wines to enhance your entrees.

A Wedding planner does not want to specialize in wine pairing, their expertise lie in organizing and putting together the finer touches.  Some may just choose a popular low cost white and red or perhaps a sparkling wine because they just want to tick the box and get it done, but this could be a disastrous decision for the wedding planner and the bride to be.

No one wants their guests to leave the event with the thought of what a lovely event, although the food and wine was terrible, your senses stay with you forever; we all remember the fantastic meals as well as the truly awful ones.

The Cork is here for you to help create and perfect that bliss while wowing your guest’s palate, we will personalize each and every entree to your liking so that your guests have a “Wow” moment with every course!

Let The Cork create an ambiance with the food and wine for your wedding we will make the magic happen with your palate.

When it comes to organizing an event such as this we like to get started as soon as possible, ideally within a year to six months, although we can accommodate those in a hurry.  One of the benefits of planning food and wine for a wedding well in advance is that it gives you time to try different food and wine pairings that we propose so that we may make the perfect match.

Then comes the shopping we will take the time to personally guide you in your buying quest.  At The Cork we will give you our full attention until everything meets your satisfaction.  We believe that you deserve the attention to detail and treat your wedding as if it was one of our own.

We look forward to pouring grapes your way!

If you are are wedding planner please or a bride to be, please use the contact us link to arrange a call or a meeting at a time that suits you.